ISPmanager in VPS

ISPmanager is a control panel that is used on both classic and cloud VPS. Fortunately, classic VPS come with this panel preinstalled, so you don't have to worry about installing it manually. ISPmanager's intuitive interface is simple and easy to navigate, making it easy to make changes and manage your WWW domains. This control panel also supports mass editing of WWW domains.


If you're looking for a powerful VPS control panel, ISPmanager is a good option. It allows you to assign roles, configure settings, load distribution, and back up data. It can be used to manage many different servers, from dedicated to shared. With ISPmanager, you can install popular cms on a domain quickly and easily. You can also use the control panel to create virtual machines and configure SSL redirects.


If you're considering buying a VPS, you should know that Plesk is one of the most popular control panels. It's a feature-rich platform that lets you install a variety of software, including cPanel and Plesk. Plesk's main advantage is its plethora of extensions. You can install and run many different types of applications, from CMSs to billing panels. You can also set up different tariff plans with Plesk.


ISPmanager is a control panel for managing web server. This panel allows the user to control various functions such as services, directories, server processes, databases, and many others. You can also install SSL or PHP certificate components. You can backup your remote server with the help of this panel. If you are not familiar with ISPmanager, you can download the trial version and try it for 14 days. However, you must be logged in as a root user to use the ISPmanager control panel.

VM manager

If you are looking for a simple way to manage your virtual servers, then you should consider VMmanager. This software automates the entire virtual server configuration process. Its control panel includes several features including virtual machine migration and configuration, installation of an operating system, start and stop, and VM restart. VMmanager also allows you to adjust the amount of resources each virtual machine has. The Statistics - VM Load section provides important information on server load.

BILL manager

If you're looking for an easy to use billing solution, BILLmanager is an excellent choice. This billing solution allows clients to order products and services, change their personal preferences, and manage their billing. Its easy-to-use interface is tailored to meet the needs of providers. It features customizable panels, discounts and promotions, questionnaires, and internal advertising. Users can also develop new features and add them to the system.