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Don't miss out on our exciting news and much much more. We have some exciting new partner sites to fill all your web needs. Are you needing a little hand with your website, try out FreeWebDesignLessons.com, Maybe it is free scripts or templates you need most. We got you covered there too, just visit FreeScriptsandTemplates.com. Web Design just not your bag, or need some custom scripting and just need a web designer or programmer, you guessed it, we got you again, try out IHSProductions.com. Let me guess, your a Christian Company, ministry, or Church? Of course, once again, you can count on us. Our sister company is just what you have been looking for. Let us fill all the web needs filled for your Christian company or ministry at FaithfulWebSolutions.com

Email Hosting

  • 1000mb webspace
  • Unl. bandwith
  • 100 email accounts

from $9.99/year

Web Hosting

  • 500mb webspace
  • 3gb bandwidth
  • 10 e-mail accounts

from $5,99/month

Resale Hosting

  • 500mb webspace
  • 5gb bandwidth
  • 150 email accounts

from $7.95/month


Tim Berners-Lee created the original HTML (and associated protocols such as HTTP) on a NeXTcube workstation using the NeXTSTEP development environment. At the time, HTML was not a specification, but a collection of loosely defined elements to solve an immediate problem: the communication and dissemination of ongoing research between Berners-Lee and his colleagues. His solution later combined with the emerging international and public internet to garner worldwide attention.

 The original design of HTML was simple. The first publicly available descripti...

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As most of you already know, we at Olympia Web Hosting are the proud owners of PickinandGrinnin.com, the hottest all guitar site on the web. What you didn't know is that we have been in the process of assembling it's sister site TotallyGuitar.com

We are starting to add content as we speak so bring it to us. We need all the content we can get.Send in all your video and audio lessons, as well as anything else you may have, even news articles. If it pertains to guitar, or the world of music at all, we want it. Just register at More >>

2 New Help Sites For You

We now have 2 sites up dedicated to aiding you in your development. Olympia Web Hosting are happy to launch FreeScriptsandTemplates.com, and FreeWebDesignLessons.com, both sites will include not only lots of free scripts and free templates. They are packed with more features than you can shake a stick at.

We are filling them both to the seems with a mass array of web design articles, SEO articles, Scripting help, design tips and much more. So go check them out today, and be sure to register there for th...

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The Merge with FaithfulWebSolutions

It has been a busy winter in Olympia, Washington for Olympia Web Hosting and many things have changed and grown. Our most exciting and the one we feel will bring the most positive change both for Olympia Web Hosting and for all our customers is the merge with FaithfulWebSolutions.com .

With that said, let me tell you what that means for you. We have added all new hosting packages so everything just got a little better. All our hosting packages now include more storage&...

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