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Email Hosting

  • 1000mb webspace
  • Unl. bandwith
  • 100 email accounts

from $9.99/year

Web Hosting

  • 500mb webspace
  • 3gb bandwidth
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Resale Hosting

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What is IPv4?

If you are asking yourself, what is IPv4? Well, let us take a look. IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol Version 4. Its address is composed of two parts - a network identifier, also called the netmask, and the rest, or rest field. In its original design, there could be up to 256 network identifiers. But, today, the number of devices that use IPv4 has rapidly increased.

In IPv4 addresses, the first octet was the network identifier. The network portion of an IP address is similar to a city, state, or street number. So, each Class A address is unique, which allows it to support up to 16 million hosts. Eventually, these networks became consolidated into a single IP address. As IPv4 technology evolved, more IPv4 addresses were created.

The header of an IPv4 packet contains 14 fields: 13 of them are mandatory, while the fourth is optional. The fields in the header are packed in order of increasing size, with the most significant bit first. The version field is found in the fo...

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What is Domain Name?

You may have heard the term "domain name" but don't know what it actually is. It refers to the realm of administrative autonomy and authority on the Internet. Domain names are used in many different networking contexts, including application-specific naming and addressing. Listed below are some of the main uses of domain names. But how does a domain name benefit your business? We'll explore those uses in more detail below. Also, remember to take advantage of the domain-registration tools, which make it easy for you to purchase a domain name and use it in your website.

A domain name is the entire set of inputs and outputs of a website. In simple terms, a domain is like a home address - a website's domain name is its identity. It's associated with a unique IP address and a domain name server. This unique IP address can be seen in the domain name. Domains are used by businesses to identify websites and other resources. If you're interested in learning more about domain names, c...

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What is Dedicated Hosting?

If you are running a large website, you've probably wondered what is Dedicated hosting. If you are a developer or an IT professional, dedicated hosting is an excellent option. In addition, dedicated servers allow developers and system administrators to customize the server environment to their liking. Dedicated servers are also great for web hosting resellers and agencies, which reduce business downtime by limiting the number of servers on a shared server. If you are a webmaster, however, dedicated hosting might not be the best option for you.

Dedicated hosting is a great solution for websites with high traffic and higher-end requirements. You can customize the server to match your needs, as well as gain complete root access to the server. This type of hosting is particularly useful for gaming services and applications with high input/output requirements. However, there are certain disadvantages to dedicated hosting, which you should know about before making the decision. It...

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What is Linux Server?

If you're running a home lab, you're probably wondering what is Linux Server. After all, there are many advantages of running this operating system, and you probably want your machine to be as secure as possible. Linux is an open source operating system, so the source code is available for public inspection. Because of this, malicious actors may take advantage of this vulnerability to gain access to your computer. On the other hand, you can use it to learn more about computers and security, revise your slow PC, or even automate your home.

Linux is also cheaper than other server software, and users can customize their server to suit their needs. Linux can handle multiple applications and reduce resource requirements, making it ideal for cloud computing. Besides that, it can theoretically handle a wide range of tools without any problem. This makes it a great choice for software developers and IT teams alike. It's also flexible enough to run multiple applications at once, so y...

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