What is cPanel and How it Can Help You Manage Your Website

If you are unfamiliar with web hosting control panels, you're probably wondering what cPanel is and how it can help you manage your website. With this control panel, you can make changes to your website without knowing any code and create email accounts without a lot of technical knowledge. This article will give you an overview of cPanel. Its main feature is its user-friendly interface, so even a newbie can use it to manage their website.

cPanel is a web-based control panel

cPanel is a widely used web-based control panel that allows users to customize a wide range of aspects of their web sites. This web-based control panel is compatible with most common browsers, as well as a variety of third-party applications, such as site builders and SEO tools. Because cPanel requires no technical knowledge, users can perform many complex tasks without a lot of hassle. This web-based control panel also includes the Softaculous Apps Installer, which grants access to more than 400 applications, and which manages the application's life cycle.

It lets you manage your website

When you log into cPanel, you'll see a dashboard that includes links to commonly used features and functions. For instance, you can quickly view disk space and bandwidth usage, mail statistics, and user management. You can also view who has access to your website's web disk and how much space each of your folders uses. Then, you can click on any of the icons to manage or view each folder's content.

It lets you make changes without knowing any code

cPanel is an intuitive user interface that offers numerous options for making changes to your website. Its dashboard provides quick access to frequently used features, such as bandwidth and disk space usage. You can also view statistics regarding your email accounts, databases, and domains and subdomains. If you'd like to make changes to your site code without having to learn coding, you can click the source button and edit the code directly.

It lets you create email accounts

In cPanel, click the Email Accounts icon. Next, choose the domain name you want to create a new email account for. In the resulting window, enter a username and a password. You can also select the Mailbox Quota. The latter will determine how much disk space the account can use. Once you've selected the mailbox quota, you can configure other settings for your account.

It lets you manage your domains

If you need to add a domain to your account, the first step is to log into cPanel and click the Domains button. From the list of available options, you can choose Addon Domain, Subdomain, or Alias. You can also create an email account associated with your domain name. The next step is to select a name for your domain. You can enter a name for the domain in the "Domain Name" box.