What is Country Code TLD?

The first thing to know about country code TLDs is that they are not just for business websites. The country code TLDs are often advertised as a shorter version of.COM, the most popular domain extension. They are also promoted as a great alternative for websites related to social media, radio, streaming audio, and FM radio stations. Many people also use country code TLDs as an abbreviated version of website, world site, or web services.


The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for coordinating the global allocation of IP addresses, DNS Root, and other resources related to the Internet protocol. There are ccTLDs for countries, regions, and languages. ICANN is currently organizing and cleaning up deleted ccTLDs. There are some countries, like the Soviet Union, that have not yet opened their country codes to commercial use. In these cases, you can still register a domain with the country code for that country.

The concept of country code top level domains is not that difficult to grasp. But having an understanding of the process will save you a lot of hassles in the future. Here are some important tips:

First, know the difference between country codes and language-specific domains. In order to make sure that your site matches the language of your audience, choose a country code TLD that corresponds to your target market. Countries with similar names are more likely to be popular. However, countries with overlapping or conflicting languages should consider using a language-specific TLD. In the same way, a country-specific domain will be easier to remember, but it will be confusing for your customers.


British Indian Ocean Territory was assigned the Internet country code top-level domain.io. It is administered by Afilias, a subsidiary of Ethos Capital. In order to register websites, users must have a valid British ID. Once registered, the domain name must be unique and easy to remember. It is a good idea to choose a catchy domain name if you are looking for a site with a local flavor.

One of the reasons why the.io domain is popular amongst technology-based companies is its input/output association. This association makes it a popular choice for web address and domain names. However, the.io extension is not for everyone. If you are looking for a domain name that will be recognized worldwide, you may want to use a TLD.IO extension. This extension is available for both personal and commercial use.

Although the British government does not handle the registration of.io domains, it does contract with the Internet Computer Bureau, run by Paul Kane until a few years ago. The terms of this agreement remain a mystery, but Kane told a reporter in 2014 that a portion of the proceeds of the registrar went to the British government. The company was responsible for marketing the.io domain and setting the precedent for other tlds.